Musical afternoon

Yesterday Edison were visited by Jackie, who showed us lots of different instruments .

We had a go at playing different rhythms with wooden claves as Jackie played the sailor’s hornpipe. We then made different rhythms by saying what we had for breakfast and copying the rhythms with shakers! Our favourite was ‘a slice of toast’.



WARNING DANGEROUS ANIMALS – Edison visit Paignton Zoo

On the 18th April Edison class spent the day at Paignton Zoo as part of our ‘Land, Sea and Sky’ topic. We had a great morning wandering around the zoo seeing all the animals in the sunshine. Favourites included the orangutans (especially the baby ones), elephants and giraffes. At lunch, we got a bit too close to the wildlife, when a seagull stole Jack’s sausage roll!

We spent the afternoon in the zoo’s education building where we had a fantastic session talking about the different skeletons of animals and how they had adapted to where they live. We then got to explore all the skeletons, fur and other interesting things that they had on shelves around the room. Our favourite were the skulls with the big teeth! We also learnt that an elephant’s tusks are nearly as big as Mrs S.

Back at school we are going to explore further the different adaptations that animals have made, food chains and how environments can change.  DSC00095DSC00096DSC00097Our Ostrich impressions !  dsc00100.jpg

Big Garden Birdwatch

Edison are looking forward to taking part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Watch next Friday.

We will be getting out our binoculars out and watching our bird feeders for an hour to see which birds visit. Before hand , we will make our own bird feeders to put up to make our garden look extra appealing to our feathery friends!

The bird feeders in our class garden have been very busy with lots of different types of birds. Our favourites are the greater spotted woodpecker, nuthatch and bullfinch. Others that frequent our feeders are blue tits, great tits, long tail tits, robins, chaffinch, wren, sparrows , blackbirds, chaffinch, goldfinch, magpies , dunnocks and wood pigeons!

Woodland fairies

On Friday morning, Edison class were extremely lucky to take part in a work shop run by Andy from Moor Than Meets the Eye. We used scraps of material and things found in nature to create woodland fairies, bogons and piskies out of pegs.

After a morning of gluing, cutting and making we were very proud of the big box of peg fairies we had created, and the quality of our artwork!

This Friday, Edison class will be venturing out into Yarner woods to place their fairies in various locations throughout the wood. There, the fairies will be seen by lots of other people as part of the Christmas Woodland Fairy-Trail!

Every fairy needed to have something natural on it, can you spot the leaves, acorns, moss and twigs in the fairies below?

Edison visit Eden

First, we did the register and got on the coach. Then, we got to the Eden project and went to the visitor centre to see Jo (The Eden team teacher). Next, we visited the amazing rainforest biome! Later on, we had a workshop on cocoa, we played some games and went back to the biome to do some challenges.

We dressed up as a cocoa farmer’s daughter, and calculated how much more they earned when selling their crop using fair trade.

We dressed up as Aztec soldiers, and used scales to find out how many cocoa beans weighed the same as a gold coin.

We dressed up as scientists and drew detailed pictures of the cocoa tree.
We dressed up as the goddess of cacao and listed chocolate adjectives.

Descriptive language

Rough-Seas.jpgIn Literacy, we have been looking at descriptive language to describe settings.

We have been watching videos of ships in stormy seas and creating our own noun phrases, similes and interesting verbs. Here are some of the  amazing phrases we came up with…

The rising dark blue waves.

The unsteady ship.

The roaring sea.

The wobbly ship.

The dark waves like wild horses.

The wobbly wet ship crashed over the dark waves.

The roaring sea was quickly bumping into the slow ship.

We also used an online thesaurus to find interesting colour words –

The grey-green seaweed

snowy white spray.

myrtle green light

white chalk spray

pale spray

ultramarine waves.

Fantastic language Edison ! Can you think of any more?

Edison’s Airport

Edison’s airport now has a conveyor belt for luggage and check in desks!

Here is how we made the conveyor belts using lego –

First we  got all things ready and put walls and got pipes.  Then  we put them in the holes in the bricks  and put clock works  on the pipes  and put  the  stable belt onto  the clock works  so it  wouldn’t   fall off. You need to  try  it if it falls down  you need to  try it again.  If it’s  fine you  got  a  stable belt.  When  it’s  done   you can  build   a    airport  that goes  with it  so you have  more  to  play with.

By Dean


We also built check in desks and sorted out suitcases based on where they were flying. dscn2281

Queue at the check in desk!